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The Bible is full of miracles that speak of a living God. He is the God that makes the impossible, possible! He makes all things work together for good. He wants to bless you! ‘A Miracle Every Day’ will help you develop your faith and experience the presence and power of God!

Go Anyway!

The one who obeys God’s call in spite of everything experiences miracles too.

Do you pay for it twice?

Your sins are already paid for!

Does God also hear prayers?

God wants to bless you, but for that you have to talk to Him.

Is the quiet voice right?

Jesus wants to be your best friend, not a to-do item.

Are you “with God?

Spend time with God so He can give you all you need.

The success accelerator

Let God direct your life and your work in His perfect timing.

Is your fire alarm working?

Read your Bible! It can give you everything you need.

THAT’S why you’re alive!

As Christ-followers, it is our opportunity and privilege to tell others about Jesus and how He has transformed our lives.

Who are you going to help today?

Taking time to show God’s love to others offers us the opportunity to tell them about the One who has changed our lives.