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Get your church involved in online ministry

The commandment to make disciples was given to the church. Up till today the church plays an important part in helping online seekers. The end goal is that all seekers become part of a community of believers.  Find out how your church can enlarge their online impact.


The YouVersion Bible app gives free access to the Bible in more than 1.790 languages and almost 2.650 translations. In addition, reading plans are available to help users understand and apply the Bible into their own lives.


Our online interactive learning platform CODEX provides free courses about the basics of the christian faith, plus a wide variety of topics such as prayer and identity. Courses can be taken individually, with an e-coach or e-friend!

TheLifeofJesus_49. How to know jesus personally

Movies about Jesus

Jesus.net is allowed to export certain movies about Jesus. All Gospels are available through movie producers LUMO, where the Bible is being read to you with video material.

And from some Gospels we have separate movies that are more acted out. Just like the Gospel of John through The Life of Jesus and the Gospel of Luke through The Jesus Film.


Donorbox is an easy online tool to help you with fundraising. It's cheap, easy to use and to integrate into your website and mailing. You only pay per donation, so there is not even an expensive subscription or so! Jesus.net can help you set up your own Donorbox.

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Sandy Tales

Sandy Tales are creative videos visualizing Bible stories through sand art. The stories can be about the Prodigal Son, the Lord's Prayer and the birth of Jesus. Videos are available on YouTube and ready to be translated into your specific language!

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