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Together we can help online searchers know God, grow in Jesus and share their faith easily.

Enthusiastic already?

Do you as an organization have a vision and desire to reach people online with the gospel? Do you get excited about reaching out to millions of people though digital media?

At Jesus.net we have a dream. That the gospel will be online accessible for every individual all over the world. We can't do that alone. That's why we partner up with local organizations who know the culture and context. With your local connections and knowledge and our online experience we could be a great team! We love to explore the opportunities together.

Start reaching people in your language

Do you want to start an effective digital ministry? Being part of our network will give you tremendous opportunities to reach online seekers. Together we'll decide what tools work best for you in your local context. These are some of the benefits of joining the network:

    • Access to the global network
    • Join the global Jesus.net conference
    • Access to training resources
    • Stay up to date with latest trends

Become part of a global network of missionairies

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You will be paired with one of our partner coordinators who will help you discover all the resources and tools and keep in touch with your local developments and requirements.

Join our bi-yearly conference

Access to online and offline training resources

To inspire and encourage you will be invited to join our bi-yearly conference and other training resources. You can also sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter.

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Not sure if this is the right thing for you? Contact us anyway and do the DNA check. In the mean time you can check out the roadmap here or start the 101 course.

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Testimonies of our partners

Robertas from ieskauDievo.lt

We use CODEX extensively in our online outreach. Codex allows us to organize group meetings, to do one-on-one counseling or leading seeker through courses. Build-in statistics allows us to see how we are doing in reaching people. We are very happy about this tool!

Conectar Global

Conectar Global is grateful for a very effective partnership with Jesus.net as together we serve Spanish speakers world wide. A ministry so strong in digital Evangelism and Discipleship is what will finally help gather the end times Harvest.  When we started, Jesus.net provided an user friendly interactive platform, a vehicle, that we could use to reach the lost and make disciples and in the beginning they instructed us to make it culturally relevant, they encouraged us to put Latino tires, a Latino horn, Latino color on the vehicle and this is what our team out of Medellin, Colombia has done and what has made…

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