Clicky Ministry Partners

The Ministry Partners operate in over 33 languages. By clicking on the name of the Ministry Partner in the overview below, the websites offered in this language will appear.


em>WhyJesus? – Više o Isusu

Project –

KnowingGod –


MyStory –

PeacewithGod –

GoingFarther –

Agape UK runs the Facebookpage of –

KnowingGod – –

KnowingGod –

WhyJesus? – KodelJezus

KnowingGod –

WhyJesus? –

Other types of partners

In addition to the Ministry Partners, also has other types of partners as well.

Contributing Partners

Interested in becoming a partner?

If your ministry is interested in joining, please contact Arjo de Vroome, Partnership Director,

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