Clicky Vision and Strategy

OUR DREAM: Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus and sharing faith easily

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Our Vision for the future:

  • Local partners will adopt as an open source evangelistic network.
  • will reach 95% of its online audience through the translation of its tools into the majority of the languages used on the Internet.
  • will contribute to a movement of people, never seen before, who confidently share online their spiritual transformation.
  • will become the reference platform for Internet evangelism.
  • will positively influence the secular world’s perception of the way the Gospel is presented.
  • People who have come to Christ through will grow towards their full potential as followers of Christ.

Kimberly: “I found God on the Internet”

Stepping Stones Strategy

As, we realize that the Internet is a fascinating way to help searchers find their way to God. This is why we created the Stepping Stones Strategy. In partnership with Christian organizations, we offer websites that relate to the personal situations and the existential questions of online searchers. We give them the opportunity to ask personal e-coaches their questions and to have discussions with other visitors.

In this way, we hope that visitors get closer to Jesus so they can discover who He is and what the Christian faith could mean for them. In addition to online coaching, we help searchers get connected with Christians offline in a local church or an Alpha course.

Strategy Picture

An impression of the Stepping Stones Strategy is pictured on the right. It shows how we offer searching people step-by-step websites in the phases ‘Access‘ (Building bridges to people who need the Gospel), ‘Know‘ (Presenting the Gospel and inviting a response), ‘Grow‘ (Encouraging new Christians to strengthen their faith) and ‘Share‘ (Mobilizing Christians to share their faith). This process corresponds to the spiritual journey of modern people. We hope that searchers find their way to offline relationships with Christians in a local church or an Alpha course, for example. Read the more detailed description of these Strategy