Clicky Organizational structure is a global movement of over 70 national and international ministrypartners working together. In 2011, we concluded that more support for the partners was needed. Therefore, the Foundation was formed.

To keep the structure “supportive” and to avoid a “headquarters” mentality, several partners provide dedicated people to serve in one or more areas.

Network of Partners

groepsfoto conference brazil 2017The Partners are the ones that form  Each of these ministries is ‘local owner’ but works along the same strategy-model. Together, we develop effective online ministry strategies, create innovative tools and equip hundreds of Christian volunteers to engage in meaningful online conversations.

Every day, we see over 4,000 people putting their trust in God through one of our websites and we support them in the next steps of their individual spiritual journey. And we dream of more people worldwide getting to know Jesus and following Him!

We have different types of partners:

Ministry Partner (MP)

The Ministry partners join the movement by adopting and owning as an open source evangelistic and discipleship platform. This local entity represents the movement in a language and/or territory, and facilitates and coordinates the work of volunteers and staff who implement its strategy, using tools and know-how, according to the DNA, in addition to what they already have in place. In case of large territories and where more MP’s would be practical, one will be designated as a leading partner. MP’s have the legal and financial responsibility for the work it coordinates.

Contributing Partner (CP) – This partner supplies or develops resources, content, materials, courses, expertise, technology etc. and licenses it for free to to be used for the sake of evangelism and discipleship.

Prayer Partner (PP) – An individual, church or organization that regularly prays for the Ministry Partners, its leadership and the searchers and young Christians helped on their spiritual journey by They receive regular updates in various forms allowing them to pray more diligently.

Financial Partner (FP) – An organization, church or individual person contributing financially towards realizing the goals of

Beside this, has agreements with service providers for developing relevant tools, systems, providing technology, service centers, help desk, etc. in a commercial or non- commercial form in support of the vision.

Supporting structure

In 2011, we concluded that more support for the partners was needed. Therefore, the coordination group was formed. To keep this team supportive and to avoid a “headquarters” mentality, the partners provide dedicated people to serve the entire network.

The supporting structure consists of three groups:

• The Board

• The Executive team

• Support-teams

The Board keeps the Executive Team focused on the dream, strategic priorities and sees to their spiritual well–being.

The members of the board are:

  • Ken Cochrum (VP Global Digital Strategies, CRU, USA)
  • Henryk Krol (President CCM, Poland)
  • Wes Griffin (CEO ILI, USA)
  • Chantal Barry (Managing director ZeWatchers, Belgium)
  • Ken Barun (Chief of Staff, BGEA, USA)

The Executive team leads the worldwide implementation of the strategy and works on expanding the movement.

The members of the Executive team are:

Supporting teams in the area of Communication, Training, Technology, Mobilization and Innovation work together to further support the various partners in the network. These teams consist of people from the network who have a proven track record and time available to work in these areas.

The overall purpose of this supporting structure is to increase global impact and see more fruit at a local ministry-level!

Download Executive Team Jesus-net high level

Download Governance document

Download Governance document – attachments

Legal structure

To ensure a solid legal structure for the movement, an official Foundation was created. Also, a set of agreements has been developed to ensure continuity in the future. Clear processes and quality control mechanisms have also been implemented for adding new partners and tools to the network.

Download JesusNet – Deeds – June 2013 (English translation of original Dutch deeds)

Interested in becoming a partner?

If your ministry is interested in joining, please contact Arjo de Vroome, Ministry Partnership Director,