Congratulations! You have made a decision that is going to change your life!

As of tomorrow, you will receive a daily email with the texts and recordings of the Audio Prayer Guide, so that we can walk through it together.

Below, you can find the download links to the guide itself and to the additional music files.

We pray that this guide will be a blessing in your life, and that you will have special encounters with God.

David, Eric & Grant

The Audio Prayer Guide

The Audio Prayer Guide is a PDF text file that contains all the audio links for each day.

You can download it through this link.

Album-listening to Gods voice

The Special Music Album

Along with the Audio Prayer Guide, you also receive 3 songs in MP3 from the album "A SON ÉCOUTE" ("LISTENING TO HIM"). This music is specifically composed to help you enter the presence of God with this guide. Each lasts 15 minutes.

You can download the 3 instrumental tracks by clicking on their respective link:

  1. In Your Rest
  2. Come, My Child!
  3. Be Close to the Father