The future is uncertain – how to deal with that?

Forecasting the future is tricky business. Nobody knows for sure how the world will change in the coming months and years. To help Christians turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity, a trend report has been published titled ‘The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of church and mission.’ Check it out!

Revival among the Roma in Slovakia

For 20 years, an unprecedented revival has been growing among Slovakia’s marginalised Roma (gipsy) population. Discover more about it by clicking here.

Icon from Jesus, Russia

Did Jesus really exist? Discover the evidence 

How reliable is the Bible as a source to confirm that Jesus really walked the earth? Do scientists agree? Did Jesus really exist? Discover the proof.

Who is Jesus?

A short question with many answers. Jesus is an inspirend person and very important in the Christian faith. But why?

Where was Jesus born? Everything about Christmas

What is celebrated at Christmas time? Why is this baby of Joseph and Mary so important? Discover where Jesus born and why.

What names are used to describe Jesus?

The Bible is full of nicknames for Jesus. Every name highlights a part of his character and mission in life. What name appeals to you?

Why would I believe Jesus is the Son of God?

Jesus the Son of God? To many people this is the great stumbling block of the christian faith. What does Jesus have to say for himself?

Is Jesus God?

Jesus often describes his relationship with God like a Father and Son. But the connection between Jesus and God is much deeper.

Where do the Christian holidays come from?

Our calendar is marked with holidays: Christmas, Carnival, Easter. What are we supposed to celebrate and what does it have to do with Jesus?

What happened when a Bible smuggler got caught

Read the amazing story of what happened when a Bible smuggler got caught in the Middle East. God doesn’t always answer prayers in the same way.