The conversion of Paul

Saul had no intention of stopping the persecution of Jesus’ followers. He wanted to go to Damascus to have the believers there imprisoned and brought to Jerusalem.


There was a man with a lot of money, but hated. Jesus wanted to meet with this man. What was following is a lifechanging meeting. Read the story in Luke…

Feeding the multitude

A huge crowd followed Jesus to listen to his words. 5000 man, the women en children were not part of that number, so it’s a huge group of people. How…

Jesus blesses the children

How can you become part of the Kingdom of God? Jesus shows us when he invites mothers to bring their children to him. Jesus blesses the children and he says…

Jesus icon

The most famous paintings of Jesus

Jesus is depicted throughout history in paintings and statues. There are many stories to tell about Jesus, and it’s interesting how all these different artists are translating a story into art. Here you find the most famous depictions of Jesus.

Grand Hotel Following Bomb Attack 1984

Harvey forgave the man who tried to kill him

Harvey Thomas was the spokesman of the British prime minister Margaret Thatcher at the time a bomb attack was committed on the hotel they stayed. Years later, Harvey forgave the man who tried to kill him and became friends with him.

St. Anthony of Egypte

Who were the Desert Fathers?

Did you ever encounter a difficult discussion about faith? Sometimes you find treasures in the old stories of believers in the first centuries of Christianity. Like this ancient story about an old monk who was asked about his opinion.

How to follow Jesus?

The Christian Faith is not something for your brains only. It’s something that is defining for the everyday life. Many times Jesus asked the people to follow him. He said it will not be easy. But also he promised he will be there so you are not alone in the dark.

Are the Gospels reliable?

There will be no end to the debate on whether or not the gospels in the Bible are reliable. These books were penned centuries ago and there simply isn’t any hard evidence for historians to use. Here a summary of the existing opinions.

Wedding in Cana

How symbolic it is, that a wedding was the place to be for Jesus. He was present at a feast, where the love of two people is being bound.