How the Early Church handled two devastating epidemics… and doubled in size!

How can Christians respond effectively in times of crisis? Church history can teach us an important lesson.

Church planter unites warring gangs

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit South Africa, something remarkable happened. In Manenburg, one of Cape Town’s most dangerous townships, warring gangs started working together in an unprecedented truce to deliver much-needed food to people under lockdown. Read more in this article.

The future is uncertain – how to deal with that?

Forecasting the future is tricky business. Nobody knows for sure how the world will change in the coming months and years. To help Christians turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity, a trend report has been published titled ‘The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of church and mission.’ Check it out!

Revival among the Roma in Slovakia

For 20 years, an unprecedented revival has been growing among Slovakia’s marginalised Roma (gipsy) population. Discover more about it by clicking here.

What happened when a Bible smuggler got caught

Read the amazing story of what happened when a Bible smuggler got caught in the Middle East. God doesn’t always answer prayers in the same way.

Knowing God

The most outspoken personality of all time? The greatest leader? The greatest teacher? The one who has meant the most to humanity? The one who lived the most holy life?

Unto Us

During the Christmas season, we’re retelling the ancient stories of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, the story about peace on earth and something amazing what happened. But imagine Christmas was happening today, Jesus was born tonight.

Jerusalem in the time of Jesus

This is the map of the ancient city of Jerusalem and the most important spots of it in the time of Jesus.

Timeline of Jesus

Jesus lived around the beginning of our era. He was a preacher, he did miracles, and many people followed him. This is a chronological summary of his public life.

Yahweh (U2)

The title of this song means “God.” When you individually translate the letters to Hebrew letters, it spells out God’s name as it appears in The Bible.