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Jesus is an interesting figure. He inspires millions of people worldwide. But what does Jesus mean to you personally? The Bible says He would like to get to know you personally. Read here stories of people who really got to know Jesus and what impact this has on their lives.

When there is no sense in your life… – by Janis

Just when I was about to jump down my phone rang. It was my friend who suggested that we met. I could not say no, so we met. I did not tell him where I was and what I was about to do…

You will never be anything – by Baiba

I remember very well that my mom told me others were telling her nothing good would ever come from me. It was not worth it to bring me to the school just for me to sit there and listen.

He called me by my name – by Sabrina

I was standing in line like every other passenger, nervously going through all my papers. I had no idea what would expect me the next few months. I didn’t know that God could change my life completely almost overnight. Everything happened on a small island called Hawaii.

God called me valuable – by Alyssa

As a child, I struggled to see my value, although I wanted very much to feel valued by something deeper than the people around me provided. This unmet desire started to grow into my thoughts and morphed into the giant lie that I was “unwanted” and affected how I viewed myself.

Is He still waiting for me? – by Päivi

Until last years my faith included praying before going to bed – I praised or asked for the help of God. You could tell that I was trying to get towards the God, because somehow, the whole time I was thinking that He is real and true, though distant to me.

From Darkness to Light – by Andrea

I was fascinated to see what God had done in my Mom’s life. But for myself, I didn’t want to let Jesus come too close to my heart. So my life was still being influenced by great fear. For example, I was so scared of the dark that I only stopped sleeping without a light when I was 13 years old.

No Longer Slave To Porn – by Christian

For seven long years I have fought against a pornography addiction. In 2011 I experience Gods intervention and deliverance and became a freed man.