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  • Posted on May 30, 2018 4:53 pm
    By @Tim
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    The other day, I was reading the testimony of someone who shared just how good she felt after she… did good for others! Have you ever tasted the sweet sense of pleasure that comes from smiling at that person on the street, someone who’s maybe tired from a long workday? Or the happiness you feel after you hold the door for that elderly lady? Or give a helping hand to a neighbor? The Bible tells us that “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.” (Proverbs 11:25) Doing good to others brings satisfaction to the soul. It’s as if the soul is nourished by it. Yes, each time your soul does good to someone, it’s richly satisfied. And in this verse, God also promises and commits to bless you in return. He waters he who waters. And His watering can is much bigger than ours! :-) On behalf of everyone you do good to today, I’d like to say…Thanks for existing. Thank you for helping others come alive. Thank you for being where you are, and thank you for what you do. You’re making this world better and shining Jesus’s light into hearts and lives. Be deeply blessed today!