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For many people, the season of Christmas is a very joyful season. Gathered around the dinnertable, unpacking Christmas presents, special Christmas celebrations at church, the Christmas tree in the house, and much more. What is the story behind Christmas?

The story of Christmas

The Bible tells the Christmas story at least three times. In the gospels of Mathew, Mark, and Luke you find these stories. Some things are the same, some elements are only in one of the versions. The Christmas story is seen as a story of hope. And something surprisingly… ordinary. Good News for the world because a child is born? Well, yes. That’s the story where hope is found. This is the story:

Christmas with a child

A little boy is shopping with his dad during the Christmas season. He’s wondering off, staring at the beautiful Christmas scenes in the store windows. What if he was there when it all happened for real?

Peace on earth?

But, to be honest… They say Christmas is the season of peaceful. But is it? Do you see it around you, in your own life or in the world? Is it true? Peace on earth? Or is it just wishful thinking?

You have to look closely. Otherwise, you don’t notice the surprising acts God is doing. It’s his decision to be present in his own creation. You will not see this Christian God move with powerful moves, you will not find him in richness and decadence. You will encounter Him in the vulnerability of a newborn baby, you will encounter Him at the moment Jesus is suffering, broken and when Jesus dies. You will find out that the Christian God is best to be found in the small, in the broken, in the vulnerable.

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