Give, Save and Spend

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In this world, it seems like money is the most important thing to have. You CAN’T do anything WITHOUT it and you CAN do everything you want WITH it… But is this the truth?

The Bible tells us a lot about money and possessions. 2,350 verses talk about this topic and 15 percent of everything that Jesus said had to do with it! God wants to equip us to handle our finances well. The financial truths revealed in the Bible are PRACTICAL and work for ALL GENERATIONS, in ANY ECONOMY.

This free 12-day study will show you everything you need to know about:

  • Giving
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Spending
  • Debt
  • And much more!

No boring, long texts, but every day…

  • … to the point videos
  • … practical tips
  • … questions that help you to apply what you learn
  • … the option to share your experiences with a friend

Once this study is completed:

  • You will be able to handle your finances in a healthy way.
  • You will experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM
  • And you will receive the E-book ‘Your Money Counts’ for free!