Delivered from the assaults of darkness – by Thierry

I grew up in a non-Christian family. My mother was not a practicing Catholic and my father was an atheist.

It was at primary school, with my friends who went to Sunday school, I heard about God for the first time. I was more afraid than envy. Being young, I was afraid of the future and dark.

I lived in the countryside and we had jealous neighbors who used the occult sciences to harm our family. It became hell at home. We did not know where to turn to find a solution. We’ve tried everything. Until someone told us that God could change our situation. If there were negative forces, there had to be positive forces. And it could not be worse.

So we trusted God. And we just prayed and asked the issue in the name of Jesus. The result was immediate. The day after our prayer, we saw the effectiveness of God and the disappearance of all occult manifestation.

For the first time in my life, I made a prayer to God for a particular situation in my family. I knelt in the living room; with my simple words, I brought my request and God answered. I was, myself, amazed at what God could hear me, and answer me.

Since that day, I wanted to live with him; discover what he was saying through the Bible and follow it. I asked forgiveness from Jesus for all my faults. And I knew, in my heart, an indescribable joy. In addition, I had the assurance that I was experiencing something authentic with him.

Sure, life is not a bed of roses. It will reserve its challenges, trials: the loss of my brother when he was two, my wife cancer, difficulties of my daughter linked to the birth of her baby boy, disappointment … and many other stuff. But I always saw the protective hand of God and faithfulness in the circumstances I was going through.

I have been privileged to learn music and I wanted to put that gift in the service of my faith.

Today, I am a pastor, singer and musician. I am happy to testify, proclaim that faith can be a reality for everyone.

Like me, you too can pray to God in the situation that you live. The Bible says: “This poor man cried, and the LORD hears the issue of all his trials.” He will do for you too because he loves you like any human being.



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