“Finally I found inner peace”

“Anxiety has actually always controlled my life,” Delja Pruis tells us. From an early age, she experienced a lot of turmoil in her life. “As a teenager I was convinced that I would die before my 40th birthday. I don’t know why, but maybe because a friend of mine died in a car accident when I was 16 years old. No matter how hard I tried, I never felt good enough. I just couldn’t experience inner peace to really enjoy life.”

Quest for inner peace

“I come from a fine family and grew up with the Christian faith. But I was afraid of God. Afraid that I would never do well enough. Until one time someone said to me, “Delja, you are trying so hard to do your best that you forget that Jesus already loves you just the way you are.”

It felt like some puzzle pieces were falling in place. Delja grabbed her Bible and read, “Come to me, you who are weary and burdened. I will give you rest.” From the Bible book Matthew 11:28. “This inner rest was what I was looking for! I prayed to God and really experienced that inner rest in my soul. 

Enjoying life

“Every now and then that fear still rears its head. Then I think I am not good enough. But in those moments I hear Jesus say, “Delja – I love you as you are, not because of what you do.” This gives me so much strength. I have also learned to enjoy life more, despite its seriousness. Jesus has become an example for me in enjoying the good things God the Father has given. I think it is because of Him that I can again enjoy myself like a little child who goes on a picnic with her parents; enjoying the care with which she is surrounded, carefree.”

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