From pornography to Jesus – by Camille

Elder of a family of six children, I always had the impression to believe in God. In fact, when I was a child, I received a catholic teaching through catechism. It was in the 80’s. In this church, there was a sort of opening and I was baptized when I was 9. I took at the same time my first communion. I used to go to church on my own regularly until my adolescence. But I felt alone in that church which was almost empty.I did not talk to anyone… And, when I was a young student, I discovered news things, not very beautiful ones, such as pornography…

Easy pornography

Of course, from that moment, I lost all my interest  going to church and because of high speed and not expensive Internet, I could easily access to a free and unlimited source of ”skin flicks”. The more I spent time on those sites , the more I moved away from my studies and human relationships. I felt guilty! I knew God hated my behaviour and I tried to stop but in vain…

A deal with God

Once I had on my mind to find a job. So I started a deal with God. I stopped going on these sites for 2 years. But the links were too strong, I gave up, abandoning my work to appease my passion, lying to me, to my friends, and so during 6 years…I even tried to create and develop a ”start up” without any enthusiasm or any motivation. I felt so bad !.. this evil being was accentuated by the fact that I met women who did not represent any interest for me…

‘The woman of my life

Then I met the woman of my life ! It was in 2008, in an Evangelic church of Salvador country. Surprisingly,I understood spanish whereas I did not know that language very well! I discovered how the Bible is rich and essential to our lives.

One saturday evening, when I was in a park with my fiancée and her grand mother, that former told us how happy she was when she sang God praises. I had to confess that my favorite christian song was ” Ave Maria” … She answered me with that question : ” Well, Mary… Mother of God… Suppose you die tomorrow, where will you go? To hell ? To Heaven ?”

I carry on my way with Jesus

Of course I did not have the answer… So I started thinking about it very seriously. I decided to pray in order to receive Jesus in my life as my Savior and Lord, asking for the forgiveness of my sins. From that moment I started to look for Jésus in my life.

Prayers and victories

I can’t say that I was delivered immediately but Jesus led me on my way to be healed.

I found a job,I got married, we have a child,I was baptized and now, my deep desire is to serve my Lord. Life is not easy when we are christian… We have to fight against our flesh, our thoughts but Jesus is on my side talking to me when I am at church,when I read articles from  ””. He always talks to me, He listens to my prayers ! When I pray for somebody’s healing, He answers very often !

If you do not know Jésus ,please pray ! A simple prayer coming from the depth of your Heart! He will answer and will guide your life if you trust Him!

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  1. lucy m. tabane on 08/05/2018 at 4:24 PM

    please pray for me i like the way you encourage other people about jesus keep it up and let me know how to pray

  2. LaTrina on 09/05/2018 at 6:21 AM

    That was a very brave and relevant testimony for this world that we live in..many people who didn’t attend church as children mistakenly feel as if the standards of walking in God’s Word require perfection and that’s impossible. Many of us who are trying to walk in God’s light struggle every day against our day at a time sisters and brothers!

  3. Karen on 09/05/2018 at 12:22 PM

    Ithink when we refer to a struggle against flesh we could ,also mean against God’s spirit , within that is why it might,lead on to illness,in some form as he is our power source,and without we are like as withering.with our anti,or separate doings, now and again,we thank you,for father for our renuals each day,as we are pleasingin some way ,for you x Kasx in aid for Christian fellowships

  4. Ramreikhai layam on 09/05/2018 at 1:38 PM

    Iam really inspired by your sharing.
    May god bless you ……may you have a calm and peaceful life…Amen

  5. Amanda L Mugni on 07/09/2019 at 8:41 AM

  6. April Estrada on 25/01/2020 at 6:34 PM

    I have given my flesh to man, woman and those in-between. I was a heavy drinker, drug user and at those times I though I felt nothing. Just empty. I grew up with very narccistic step mother’s that lied, abused and one even trying to give me away. My dad was to blind to busy working to see. I knew no different I thought that’s just how it is. On a suicide attempt 11 years ago, a time that there’s no way I should be here now, I heard Him! I somehow knew he was there but this time He let me know He was in control of my destiny, my fate. No one else! Just to leave myself in his hands and to trust and have faith to where he will lead me. The fear of everything left but manifested in different ways by being afraid of reality. Today I’m not perfect, I still have my addictions, my validation for my addictions, but everyday it gets easier with help counseling and prayer. Pray for me! I will always walk with God and I know I won’t ever back down from him if I had to make a choice. I know it’s Him only that I am a reason for being here. Just pray for me to have good people come into my life without judgement, and lead me to my fate.
    God Bless you all ?
    I pray for you and your family to always have the Spirit protect you!