Get Involved!

Every now and then, I send you invitations to become more involved within this ministry of A Miracle Every Day. Today, in case you've missed it, I want to give you a summary of the possibilities I have for you.

  • Join the A Miracle Every Day PrayerList. This is a weekly email in which you will be invited to pray for several people who send me their prayer requests. Click here to join!
  • Support financially the sending and development of this email. A Miracle Every Day is and will always be free. But I’d like to let you know about this possibility so that you may prayerfully consider it. Your gift will be used to allow thousands of people to be blessed every day with this email. Click here to contribute!
  • Become a volunteer for Click here to see all the possibilities.
  • Talk about and share A Miracle Every Day all around you! I’m sure you’re already doing so...thank you! Some people print the email and distribute it to others. Why not pray for a creative idea about how to invite even more people to receive these daily “Miracles” so they can be blessed?

I believe that God wants to transform what began with a simple daily email into a movement that will touch millions of people all around the world! And you have a role to play!

We are together in this. And the Lord is surely with us!