The Catholic festival of Carnival starts on a Sunday and lasts until Ash Wednesday: the start of Lent which lasts until Easter.

Carnival is for many people a happy festival. It is mostly celebrated in Roman Catholic Countries and is the last day and last hours before the time of Lent, the weeks before Good Friday and Easter

The time for celebration and rich meals are there for a reason. Lent is a period in earlier time Roman Catholics were fasting, abstained from eating meat and other ascetic practices. So it’s a festival as a prelude to a time of soberness. The sober lifestyle is a practice in Lenten where the worldwide church is remembering the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Carnival festivities are ended on Ash Wednesday, which is the official start of the time for fasting, the time of Lent.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest celebration in the world.

Carnival in the next years

Carnival 2018 : Sunday 11th February to Tuesday 13th February

Carnival 2019 : Sunday 3rd March to Tuesday 5th March

Carnival 2020 : Sunday 23th February to Tuesday 25th February

Carnival 2021 : Sunday 14th February to Tuesday 16th February

Carnival 2022 : Sunday 27th February to Tuesday 1st March

Carnival 2023 : Sunday 19th February to Tuesday 21th February

Carnival 2024 : Sunday 11th February to Tuesday 13th February

Carnival 2025 : Sunday 2nd March to Tuesday 4th March

Carnival 2026 : Sunday 15th February to Tuesday 17th February