How Acts still happens today

The book of Acts is the exciting story of the advance of God’s Kingdom in the early days of the church. The good news of the Gospel had a lasting impact.

Today, the book of Acts is still happening in many places around the world. You can read these inspiring stories in Joel News every week.

We now turned these stories into something that has been on our mind for quite some time: a Bible reading plan that links stories from the book of Acts with similar real stories today.

Our new e-book is a 7-day reading plan based on the first three chapters of Acts. It can be started on any day of the week. The Bible passages link to BibleGateway, where you can pick your preferred translation. Every passage is summarised and illustrated with a story from Joel News. Every day has a prayer or an application to encourage Christians to deepen their faith and become a ‘doer of the Word’.

We offer you this e-book as a free download. Of course you’re welcome to share it with others.

Download your copy here

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