How God healed a Roma horse

Missions organization Global Nomads reports that around their training center in Bulgaria many Turkish speaking Roma found Christ after experiencing a healing or deliverance of oppression.

Eno, one of Global Nomads’ church planter trainers, reports: “One of our neighbours came to us with his horse that had not eaten for several days and was perishing. It grew weaker every day and its eyes were watering. He asked us if our God could do something for his horse. So we prayed for it with our children. Some days later I saw the neighbour in town, with his horse – it drew a cart! In big surprise I walked up to him. He told me overjoyed that his horse had been completely healed! This had been a very special experience for the children.”

“Some weeks later the same neighbour’s sister-in-law came to us. She was all in tears. She had just received a doctor’s report that she had a large lump in her breast. We prayed for her. Two days later she came back – again in tears. But this time tears of joy! The doctor couldn’t find any lump anymore!”

Source: Joel News

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