I cannot do this on my own – by Agnieszka

My story starts when I’m 6 years old. I don’t remember the exact date or  time, but I do remember that we were sitting on the bed, me, my mom and my sister. We were praying together and in that moment I gave my life to Jesus. Everything was ok, but…


As a child I didn’t understand it.

Few years later when I was in primary school my friend turned against me almost my whole class. I don’t really remember what it was all about, but it hurt me a lot. My self esteem was in tatters. I rather wanted to make up some stories using my imagination. Right there every one liked me and accepted me unlike in the real world.

Over time I started to live in my imagination more and more frequently. It caused a lot of problems. After some time I didn’t know who I really am.

The death of my grandmother was a real shock to me. For the first time in my life I started to think what would happen to me if I die.


And then fear came. I felt suicidal. I didn’t want to live in my imagination anymore, but I just couldn’t do it differently. I knew that God is not pleased with that and I knew that I can’t bear it any longer.


… I woke up and I was sure that I need to do something. I decided that if God won’t do anything, I will. I knelt down on my bed and I kept thinking:


On the very next day nothing special happened. I didn’t even try to change anything, but God started to change me, very slowly. Since then I started to read the Bible and pray.


I know who I am. But I also know that without that prayer when I was 6 years old, there would no prayer that night. God has set me free from fear.

Now my relationship with God is really intimate. With His help I am able to say “NO” to thoughts to come back to my imaginary life. Now I am able to use my imagination wisely.

My life is still imperfect, but there’s God in it and He gives me the purpose to live.

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Agnieszka :)


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