I choose not having an abortion! – by Raphaelle

The chock !

“Madam, you have the choice for your baby : your baby dies in your sale, or his life will be very hard. There is no other way : his life is wretched”

My baby, my son, this baby who is in me, in my belly who is moving a lot, who communicates whith his daddy and his mummy, and who is playing also with his twin next to him in my roundy belly.

That was what I felt in October 2009, when I was lyed on my hospital’s bed after serious complications whereas I was pregnant of two little boys :

“The first twin will be ok. He has heart failure but his life will be safe. But, the other one… his brain is so damaged. You still can breack off his life in utero. You will keep the two fœtus, one will be alived and the other will be died as long as possible, until the first will born . »

“Yes, but don’t you think that we take the risk of loosing the two children with this choice?!”

All my inner being cries “NO”! It is not discussed !

« You will have others » saying them to me. But we want all of them! I want my two babies! We choose Jesus who has the power of healing, consoling, saving, and who wants that our two babies will be born!

The choice

In fact, we did not take the wrong way, that was clear. We chose to keep Clovis and Victor, the choice of life instead of the dead. They are our family, they are our children. God gave them to us, He will help us for loving them and growing even with all the difficulties. Yes, in fact, this child should be very handicaped. Yes, in fact, the worst can arrive. But it is forbidden for us to touch our children’s life. We are not more powerful than our Creator.

Clovis and Victor was born by cesarienne, en avance, very small but alive, after 11 weeks in hospital. The little Clovis heart is ok! Victor? He can respirer alone, after some help, il déglutit. It is the essential, the rest will follow.

He is alive and Jesus still continues to act.

And Today!

Now Victor is i great shape whereas he was condemned by the doctors. Yes, that’s right, he has a mobility disability, but he walks runs, speacks, a lot! He sings, all the time…!

One year ago, our little guys started their first school year : a special day for their mum, sad, touched, proud, especially recognizing. Thank you Lord, we win with You! You never leave us, in spite of difficulties, in times of distress, and you shared moment of happiness with us, pures, simples, in family, moments of LIFE!

“Victor, you are different, that’s right. But you know, we are all different because we do not have the same head!” That’s right, Clovis you are right to say it to your brother. For God, we all are wonderful creatures.

Choose LIFE! With Jesus it is worth it.

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