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It’s so easy to forget the great things God is promising mankind. It’s so easy to start worrying. Get your daily inspiration by reading the Bible, receiving inspirational messages and more. Stay connected!

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Jesus once told people a story about a farmer. The farmer was sowing his seed, expecting, of course, the seeds would grow crops so after a while it would be ready to harvest. But not all seeds were falling in the right places. Parts of it fell between weeds of worry and illusions about getting more and wanting everything under the sun. This strangled what was heard. So, in the end, there was no fruit and no harvest (read it in the Bible).


You probably walked by the most valuable item, but you didn’t recognize it… Here's a story about Banksy, an iconic but unknown artist trying to sell his expensive art for almost nothing. Read it »

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It's hard to get a grip on time and to stay focused. By starting an online course you can help yourself dive deeper into a specific theme. You don't have to absorb everything at once. There is a variety of themes available.

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Stay inspired by receiving a daily email with reminders you need for your soul. The mails are written by French pastor Eric Célérier and read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world in different languages.

The beautiful thing is that you can write back. Eric and his team will respond to every message sent. Sometimes you just need someone who listens. God is always listening, but it's not always easy to experience that.

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The YouVersion Bible App is free for everyone to download and to use. Take your time daily to be inspired by the ancient words. In the app, you can add reminders so you stay connected and continue to read the Bible.

Bible Reading Plans are there for you to help you dive into a specific biblical theme or a part of the Bible, a character from the stories or a specific theme which the Bible has, often surprisingly, a lot to say about. Find your reading plan here »