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Jerusalem in the time of Jesus

Explore the most important spots in Jerusalem

Map of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus



Fortress of Antonia

Hasmonean Palace

Herod's Place

House of Caiaphas

Upper Room

Pool of Siloam

Pool of Bethesda

(traditional site)

(alternative site)

Garden Tomb

Timeline of Jesus

Jesus lived around the beginning of our era. He was a preacher, he did miracles, and many people followed him. This is a chronological summary of his public life.

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The Bible

The Bible feels may be old and boring. But the Bible is so much more than just a book. It inspired people, pushed them into action and changed the world. They started to read the Bible, they understood a deeper meaning of the text and they changed. And with them, the world around them changed

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Songs inspired by Jesus

Jesus is an inspiration for many artists in popular music. Here you find a collection of songs that are inspired by a saying of Jesus or by the person of Jesus.

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