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In their journey, we help people to ACCESS, to KNOW, to GROW and to SHARE what they have experienced and learned. These are the four PHASES used in the ministry process and expressed in the branding (colors). The tools mentioned below are currently in place and ready for use. In the coming years, additional tools and resources will be developed and added to the ‘toolbox’ available to ministry partners and individuals all around the world.

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Available Tools

Landing Pages

Landingpages and theme–pages (ACCESS): These pages are topical web pages on felt needs or big life questions. People who search in Google, might “land” on these pages and are meant to connect the need or question of the searcher to an element of the Gospel.
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Knowing God

KnowingGod (KNOW): This website is a clear explanation of the center of the Gospel. Searchers are invited to make a decision for Jesus. Searchers are stimulated to take a next step. Read more »

WhyJesus? course

WhyJesus? (KNOW): This interactive five-week online course, on the basics of the Christian faith, gives participants the possibility to interact with a Christian e-coach, who offers assistance during the course and shares his life with the searcher. This is the first step out of anonymity. At the end of the course, searchers are invited to visit a local church, do an Alpha course or take another online GROW step.
Read more » (ACCESS and SHARE): this platform gives Christians the opportunity to easily share what God has done in their lives so searchers can relate to their experiences, interact with them and see how the living God works in people’s life.
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CODEX (GROW): this online learning platform gives online searchers the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the Christian faith and offers Christians the chance to grow in their faith. This can be done on an individual basis, with a coach or with a group. Read more »

The CityBible

The CityBible is a New Testament in a modern language including the “5 steps to peace in your heart”. It’s proven to be a fruitful tool for evangelism: first to know God, and then to grow spiritually. It is the Word of God that “never returns in vain”! Read more »

Tools in Research and Development


LikeJesus (GROW): this app (Android and iOS) is a spiritual navigator to trigger people in a personal and unique way several times during the day to focus on God. It helps the individual to focus a few times a day on the Word of God and will provide an interactive personal reading plan based on the personal spiritual situation of the person.
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