Be humble...yes, but how?

12 Jun 2018

When we talk about humility, we generally think of a man who accomplishes great things outside of the limelight. Or a woman who works hours upon hours without ever complaining, showing fatigue, or asking for praise… So, when we think about humility, we rarely think of a child.

Yet, Jesus said, “‘Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.’” (the Bible, Matthew 18:4)

Oh how God’s wisdom surpasses our own… our Father teaches us that true humility isn’t always found in appearances. But quite often, it may be found in a child…

A 13th century Persian poet said this: Humility involves acknowledging that any creature in the universe has the potential to teach us what were ignoring.” Are we willing to let children teach us regarding humility?

Jesus teaches us that if we want to become great in the Kingdom of God, then we have to humble ourselves like them. Let’s allow ourselves to be transformed by God and become like these little children: simple, joyful, gentle, and humble in heart.

Would you like to pray with me about this? Father, thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for making us Your children. Help us to grow in humility each day. Make us gentle and humble in heart like Jesus. Help us to act and speak as You desire, to glorify Your name! In Jesuss name, amen.”

Don’t forget… greatness in the Kingdom of God is humbling yourself as a little child!