Give? You have everything to gain…

03 Dec 2018

Do you want to become an ambassador of heaven? Maybe you already are? I’d like to encourage you today with this word from Jesus…

“Give, and you will receive”. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”” (the Bible, Luke 6:38, NLT

I’ve chuckled before, thinking, God isn’t very good at math! It would seem that, according to Him, the more I give, the more I receive! Strange, isn’t it?

In the logic of the Kingdom of God, the act of giving isn’t synonymous with loss but rather, with gain. Maybe you’re even thinking right now that, with this logic, giving wouldn’t be a good and selfless act, but rather one that’s a bit egotistical: I give to receive. In fact, if we give with a state of mind that isn’t right, God cannot bless completely: He gives according to the measure that we use!

In addition to being an act of love, giving is also an act of obedience to God. God uses His children, women and men who give what they have at their disposal, without worrying about what others will say, but simply seeking to honor Him, knowing that He’s the One who changes water into wine, multiples the bread and fish, and makes a donkey transportation for a king!

There are so many ways to give!

  • Time to listen to a loved one who has problems.
  • A smile to the supermarket cashier.
  • Money to support a charity.
  • Your talents to serve His church.
  • Opening your house for a discussion group or Bible study.

I so appreciated this testimony that Angela, an “A Miracle Every Day” reader, sent me: “I helped my colleague who found herself in a tough situation with her supervisor. I lent a listening ear and encouraged her. She was full of joy to have found someone who actually wanted to approach her and share words of love.”

Congratulations, Angela. I love your attitude, and you’re an example of generosity. Thank you for giving your time, willingness to listen, and encouraging words.

Don’t forget… God gives you the privilege of representing Him on this Earth, with all that He has given you! He will bless you with His measure, surprising, generous, infinite…