If you can’t speak, shine! ✨✨

14 May 2018

A reader wrote to me in a survey I sent out about what she felt was the biggest difficulty or frustration in her life as a Christian: I work in a secular place where I cant be open about my Christian faith. I only have rare occasions to talk about it with several evangelical coworkersSo when Im going through a difficulty, I feel very alone, all the more so as few of my church friends understand that the workplace can be a spiritual place, where we also encounter the Lords presence.”

The Bible encourages us to manifest God’s nature, His love, His kindness… Today, how can we testify of a such a marvelous God in our workplaces, when we don’t have the freedom to do so?

Matthew 5:16 tells us, “‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.’”

The Word is clear: our light must shine! So, does shine mean speak? Not necessarily! The Word continues, mentioning the “good works” that we do.

When you can’t speak openly, manifest God openly. May the words of your mouth be encouraging! Refuse to participate in slander or bad-mouthing.

Be kind! That’s something different! It’s refreshing, life-giving!

Your coworkers may not allow you to talk with them about Jesus, but can they prevent you from carrying Christ into the heart of darkness? From demonstrating His love? From keeping a smile on your face, no matter what? Absolutely not! Nothing can prevent you from loving them, from blessing them, from praying and interceding for them in the secret place!

I believe that God is faithful, that He can act and touch the hearts of your coworkers and employers through your attitude. So, God-willing, they will ask you the “secret” to your peace and joy that defies circumstance and… end up, I pray, meeting Jesus!

God bless you!