Together, let’s change the ways of thinking around us!

14 Apr 2018

As you know, I finish all my emails with the expression “Thanks for existing.” I’ve received many testimonies from people who have been touched, even overwhelmed, that someone is thanking them for existing, like Jacqui, Boone, Sarah, and Andreea…

Some days your email is the onlyconversationI have where someone addresses me using my name and when someone tells me that I or my deeds matter or that they are grateful for my existence! Your acknowledgementThank you for being alive‘/’Thank you for existingmeans a lot to me because sometimes I dont feel very alive because I am always so busy doing but rarely have time just to be. I am alive!” (Jacqui)

Good evening Eric, firstly Id like to thank you for showing your appreciation of my existence. I dont merely say that because I doubt you would know the definition of my name. I discovered that not only does it mean that Im afavor/ a blessingbut that for over 30 years I felt as if I was worthless and couldnt ever be a blessing to anyone. […] just reading that you are thankful for my existence Im overwhelmed with much gratitude as well as appreciation that you would want me to know that you are concerned about my existence.” (Boone)

For years, my mother reproached me for being bornI have attempted suicideGod has always placed people along my path who knew how to touch my heart and the very depths of meBut this phraseThanks for existing,’ it summarizes everything that God says to me every daythank you.” (Sarah, name changed to preserve anonymity)

I love this Bible verse: Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.” (Ephesians 4.29, The Message version)

Together, we have the ability to change the world, the mentality, the ways of thinking that surround us! We have the ability to breathe life into this world by carrying His Kingdom culture, in which everything is possible and every person is loved and valued.

Andreea wrote, Hi, Eric. Wow! Its incredible how much peace and encouragement the wordsThank you for existing!’ can bring into someones life. For those words that are written at the end of your everyday email that I receive, I want to say Thank you! At first I didnt realize the true meaning either. But now because I am aware of their meaning, and thank you for explaining that to me as well, not only am I going to be empowered by them every time I will see them, but also I will try to start sayingThank you for existing!’ to others. For me the emails that Ive received were a true blessing because of your personal writing as well.”

What could happen if, like Andreea, you also started to share “Thanks for existing” to others all around you?

Be abundantly blessed today!!