A Miracle Every Day

The Bible is full of miracles that speak of a living God. He is the God that makes the impossible, possible! He makes all things work together for good. He wants to bless you! “A Miracle Every Day” will help you develop your faith and experience the presence and power of God!

Just imagine a crowd of 1 million people…..

Once I was in a stadium with 52,000 people. It was in 1999 in Amsterdam at a Youth event. All those people where praising God. I still remember the moment these people were invited to give their lives to Jesus. What a breathtaking moment it was. Amazing! I clearly remember sensing the presence of the…


Let’s Celebrate!

We have reached the 6 million mark! Today, we celebrate the 6 millionth person clicking the button on one of the Jesus.net websites to indicate having prayed the prayer. This person came from China on the Renshishen website. For us, a reason to celebrate as Jesus.net is that in six years already six million people…


A Spiritual GPS

GPS has changed our life. It’s so easy to go somewhere. Why not have a spiritual GPS! A new tool is being developed. It’s a spiritual GPS that we will call “Like Jesus”. As disciples of Jesus, we want to be like Jesus and we want people to like Jesus. Our partner in the USA,…


Ready to Multiply

Someone recently asked me this question: As a visionary and one of the leaders of Jesus.net, what direction do you see ahead for the movement? Jesus.net is an awesome movement of God helping millions of people to know Jesus, to grow in their faith and to share Him with others. I’m always amazed to look at www.joyinheaven.com Isn’t it…