Names of the Holy Spirit

Before you read about the names of the Holy Spirit, an introduction. The Holy Spirit, together with God and Jesus, forms the Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity is a term not mentioned in the Bible, but we use it to understand a little bit about the mystery of God. The Holy Spirit incites people to tell others about God. He helps believers with prayer and perseverance. Like some kind of inner (and supernatural) force. This power is so strong that there are stories of people suddenly being able to speak a foreign language of healing from an illness. It seems so unreal, but in this way God becomes tangible.

Names of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is best known as the “Holy Spirit” or “Spirit of God.” But he is much more than that. The Holy Spirit is also God, He is a person, all the attributes of God that we find in the Bible also for the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Read on to find out what other names the Holy Spirit bears!


The Holy Spirit is a connector. He connects people to God and Jesus. How? By living within you! That sounds a bit strange, but to him a heart is a house, a place to live. Because the Holy Spirit resides in a person’s heart, that person can be connected with God. But the Spirit also connects people. He can encourage someone to contact someone else. Many special friendships have already been made in this way.


Someone who stands by you, who offers a helping hand and who does not leave you to do it all alone. This is the Spirit as well; a helper. For example, he helps you to make choices. That can be done in different ways. A common way is to give you a sense of calm if it is a good choice, or restlessness if it is a bad choice.


He frees you from all kinds of things that trap or hold you, including evil things that can bind you. Wherever the Spirit goes, it brings freedom with it. In 2 Corinthians 3:17 it says: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Energy source

The Holy Spirit gives you strength when you need it. In difficult situations, he will give you strength to persevere and carry on. You can draw energy from the Spirit. Don’t be shy in asking him for energy and strength! He wants you to ask for it and he wants to give it to you.


Someone who gives all kinds of things to people, which people in turn can pass on to others. That perfectly describes the Holy Spirit. He gives special gifts to people and people can use those gifts to help others. You can read more about these gifts in this article.


He commits to recovery, sometimes physical recovery. But he also wants to heal inner wounds. He doesn’t want to sit still and watch you walk around with things that hurt you daily from the inside. He wants and can heal you. That often doesn’t happen right away, and for some it never does. We don’t have a clear answer to that.


The Holy Spirit is not always the most comfortable person to have in your life. When you invite Jesus to come into your life, you receive the Holy Spirit. Then he also wants to get to work. He sees bad patterns and makes you see why they are bad and how bad they are. And he won’t let it go! He will work with you to change this.


The Holy Spirit is a guide, a compass that tells you where to go. It won’t always be a super clear line and sometimes you have to wait a while. But in the end the Spirit will guide you if you let it.

God in action

The Holy Spirit is also known as God in action. The actions that God does on this earth are performed by the Holy Spirit and it is therefore also referred to as “the work of the Holy Spirit”. And when God takes action, extraordinary things happen!

Did you expect these names from the Holy Spirit? Quite a special person, isn’t he? Would you like to talk about what you have read or do you have any questions? Message us here!

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