The Jesus.net website is a place where people can discover all about Jesus’ life, who He was and how He can still be part of their lives today. It's becoming a platform where everybody – regardless their background - can find everything about this extraordinary person. From videos to history-related articles… You’ll find all sorts of (constantly updated) content here.
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The book JC contains 150 statements of Jesus Christ accompanied by various images, meant to inspire and activate people’s creative thinking. People can scan each image with an app to discover more and take a next step in by signing up for a course, e-mail series or by watching a video. Several partners create and distribute free E-books filled with accessible and understandable content.
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This word by word movie of the Gospel of John helps searchers to discover Jesus. The content can be used (e-mail) courses or on websites. We also manage a YouTube channel where the movie can currently be viewed in over 20 languages. We aim to add 4 new language versions every year to ultimately reach 95% of Internet users.
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Stories are timeless, just like art. In a project called Sandy Tales, an artist retells ancient Bible stories through sand art. The wonderful visuals can make people see the stories they may have heard many times before in a new way. Because there are no words used to tell these stories, the videos are easy to use in other countries. Sandy Tales can be used in families, churches, outreach projects, in the classroom or during Sunday school.
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KnowingGod is a website containing a clear explanation of the Gospel. People are introduced to the basics of the Christian faith. Articles explain how you can personally get to know God and how to follow Jesus. Every visitor is invited to take the next step in their journey of faith.
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11-UnderstandGodNEW ComprendreDieu

This website is a more intellectual approach for sharing the Gospel, starting with the reasons for an existing God. Searchers are invited to think about God, Jesus and questions like: What is truth? They are encouraged to explore more through a free online course.
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Through the WhyJesus? people can explore the basics of the Christian faith, who Jesus was, why He had to die and what significance He still has to the world today and possibly can add to their lives. Participants will have an E-coach who can guide them through the course and answer questions they may have along the way.
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CODEX is an interactive platform that offers free online courses that help people to grow in their faith, as well as personally. People can learn more about Jesus or follow a course on a certain topic that they might be interested in or struggle with. In some courses, an E-coach will guide the participant and answer questions.
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A Miracle Every Day is a daily, fresh encouragement in per e-mail. The Bible is full of miracles that speak of a living God. He is the God that makes the impossible, possible! These messages help people to develop their faith and experience the presence and power of God.
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We challenge people to get involved and help others to become a disciple of Jesus as well. The work of Jesus.net is made possible through lots of indispensable volunteers. There is an online course available to train volunteers in using the tools that are used within the Jesus.net network.
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In the Bible app, people can subscribe to multi-day reading plans to explore more about a specific theme or part of Scripture. This encourages Bible engagement and helps people grow in their faith. We create plans and, as a YouVersion representative, make the connection in with partners in Europe who can make a valuable contribution to the app.
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goTandem is a tailor made spiritual navigator on your smartphone. People receive Bible verses including a reflection, based on their spiritual needs. These reminders and personalized content help people in their journey to grow as a disciple of Jesus and apply their faith in their daily life. One version of the goTandem app is the LikeJesus app.
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MyStory.me is a platform where people can tell their story with God online. In just a few simple steps, people can create a MyStory.me page and share what God has done in their life by writing down their story and sharing a video. If visitors have a question about a story, they can contact the writer directly and interact with them.
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Through the partnership with the Indigitous movement, creative people and developers are challenged to use their skills and talents for the Kingdom. Through different events we invite them to think about new ways to reach people with the Gospel, help people in their journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus and come up with innovative solutions for global (social) problems, such as poverty.
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These are topical web pages on felt needs or big life questions. People who search online might ‘land’ on these pages, meant to connect with the searcher and introduce them to an element of the Gospel.

Example: The website “I want to die” tells people that they are not the only one struggling with thoughts around suicide and that there is hope.



Chatbots are automated (digital) conversation partners. We developed two ways to use this tool in reaching people with the Gospel and helping them to grow in faith. First of all, the chatbot can answer people’s questions based on Jesus’ statements and the Bible and redirect them to a website, video or course. Secondly, a chatbot can embody a Biblical character. Imagine you can chat with David and ask him how he experienced the fight with Goliath! Through these conversations, an age-old story comes to life and people discover more about the story’s background.