A scene from the book of Acts

In the book of Acts we see Christians living a lifestyle of discipleship. This also happens today. People get baptised in the city park!

7 keys to conquering fear

For seven days, we’re going to study the promises given to us in this psalm.

Free at last

But God wants to set us free to live our life to the full. Discover how you can be free at last.

Ready to Unlock the Kingdom of God?

Jesus gives you the keys to unlock this kingdom on earth. Are you ready?

Explosive Faith

Do you believe your faith can be explosive? God’s power is so much stronger than we can imagine.

Cambodia: from ‘killing fields’ to ‘living fields’

The Church in Cambodia is growing steadily with 8% each year, in particular in the animist countryside. The key element? Christians really care about others. Click to read this encouraging story!

Would you vow to serve the sick, even at the cost of your life?

Did you know that so far 1,500 nurses across 44 countries lost their lives while on duty in the Covid-19 pandemic? That is the same number of nurses who died in the First World War! This story is dedicated to our healthcare heroes! Click to read.

The church that meets on WhatsApp

Endale is a ‘digital missionary’. He uses WhatsApp to plant churches. Click here to discover how he does it!

How business can accelerate the mission of God

All Nations International helps church planters in Africa and Asia to start and develop businesses as a vehicle to bless their communities and spread the Gospel of Jesus. So far, over 1,000 businesses have been started in 45 countries. Learn how they do it!

The story of the old well

How a prophetic vision became reality and an ancient well was reopened. Click here to read this encouraging story!