The Good Samaritan

Do you ever feel alone? Like everyone has abandoned you? Do you sometimes cry out: I am so lonely! Help me! And you just wonder: is God good? This Sandy…

The conversion of Paul

Saul destroyed the community of the followers of Jesus. He had no intention of stopping the persecution.


There was a man with a lot of money, but hated. Jesus wanted to meet with this man.

Job And The Question Of Suffering

In the following ten days, you will walk through the story of the wealthy Job.

Feeding the multitude

A huge crowd followed Jesus to listen to his words. 5000 man, the women en children were not part of that number, so it’s a huge group of people. How…

Jesus blesses the children

How can you become part of the Kingdom of God? Jesus shows us when he invites mothers to bring their children to him. Jesus blesses the children and he says…

Martha and Mary

A visit from Jesus causes a lot of emotions between the two sisters. How will Jesus respond? How would you?

Ascension Day

In this reading plan, you will discover more about the wealth and background of Ascension.

Wedding in Cana

How symbolic it is, that a wedding was the place to be for Jesus. He was present at a feast, where the love of two people is being bound.

Psalm 8

In an old song, King David sings away his emotions, his amazement at the creator, the creation, the greatness of the Almighty and the smallness of himself.