A perfect father is utopia

JOHN 5:30-47

What is your relationship with your dad like? It has an influence on how you look at God as a father. Jesus has a special bond with his father and offers you the same.

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A perfect father is utopia

I have to be honest, I have a pretty ideal father. I love him, we did great things together and I learned a lot from him. But calling him a perfect father…. No, he has his downsides. And I know many people have a bad experience with their own father.

But for a moment, imagine with me. The picture of a father and a son. Complete happiness. The father protecting his son. You see the joy. And the son being proud of his father. No one will say negative things about him. I have had  some of these experiences looking back at my youth and also when we had our own children.

Reading the part of the life of Jesus today, you almost see it as a poem on this relationship between Jesus and his father. It is amazing, touching. You hear the intimacy between them.

Maybe you have a different picture of a perfect father-son relationship. Maybe a bad example, negative experiences. Look at this picture today and see what it means. And also realize that Jesus gave his life to restore the relationship between humans and God. So that we all can be intimate with God the father. Jesus taught us to talk to God as our father. So take some time to pray to God and imagine him as your perfect father.

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