Asking questions is a good habit, but….

JOHN 9:1-12

You can have lots of questions about life, faith, God and Jesus. Some people ask questions yet never wait to hear the answer. Do you want find real answers? Listen to Jesus’ reply.

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Asking questions is a good habit, but....

When I was young, a teacher once forbid me to ask a question. That sounds strange, of course, because the schools should stimulate people to ask questions, don’t you think? Asking questions is always good!? But… the reality was, that I was asking questions all the time, while I was not really paying attention. I was just hiding my own attitude of being distracted by asking 'smart' questions.

In the story of Jesus’ life, we see people asking questions to Jesus, but Jesus sees the real heart behind it.

The teachers of Israel ask Jesus a question about a man, who was born blind. People think about punishment. Blindness should be something God has done because of the sins of the parents.

Jesus’ reply is: " You are asking the wrong questions. And your focus is too much on the current reality, only on this life. Don’t observe from a distance, but see what God does."

So instead of asking the questions that mislead yourself, Jesus says: Take a look at what God can do or is doing! So don’t try to question everything, but ask Jesus to interfere.

Jesus heals the blind man in a special way. But even then, people are not in awe of what Jesus has done. They stay at a distance. And (in the next chapters) they keep asking questions.

Maybe this applies to you. You can have questions, but asking a question can also keep you safe. It keeps things at a distance. Many people asking in depth questions about God. Why does this happen? Why does God not interfere?

But instead of asking questions today, try to focus on what God is doing. And ask Jesus to interfere.

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