Be careful. Don’t trust a guru….

JOHN 7:32-53

The best way to form an opinion about someone is to meet them in person. The best way to determine how you feel about Jesus is to meet him. But how?

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Be careful. Don’t trust a guru….

Once someone asked my opinion about a guru. A certain management specialist who encourages people. I did not know him personally, so I searched for some information and made up my mind. I was not very positive. A few years later I met him personally. And I was impressed by him and now I am using several of his principles. Our personal encounter changed my perception of him.

This was also the case in Jesus’ life. First the police. They are sent to arrest Jesus. But listening to him, they cannot arrest him. Can you imagine this happening? That was a huge miracle.

Second person in this story is Nicodemus. He was one of the religious leaders in the country, who were very suspicious towards Jesus. He had spoken to Jesus before and did not want to judge Jesus too quickly. He uses the law to say: “Hey guys, we need time to listen to him.”

I believe when you start to listen to Jesus, you might change your opinion. Did you know you can talk to him (prayer) and he will answer you through giving you a sense of peace or through dreams. You can really try it. Better than just judging because of opinions. So, let go of your prejudices and listen to Jesus first hand.

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