Can a Christian be sad?

JOHN 11:17-37

Can a christian be sad? Cry when you hear bad news or loose someone? Jesus looses a close friend and see how he reacts.

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Can a Christian be sad?

" Don't cry. Be brave. It will all be well." These words may sound encouraging but not when someone said them to me. I had just heard my mother had cancer. And I was shocked. According to this lady as a christian we should be happy all the time, whatever our circumstances. But I have learned over the years that it is good to show your emotions and be honest about how you feel.

This part of Jesus' life is pretty interesting. He left his “safe” place in the desert and moved to the place where his friends lived. But also closer to his enemies in Jerusalem. And Jesus knew that Lazarus had died.

He went there with a purpose. He knew he was going to do a miracle. He knew he wanted to raise someone from death. Isn’t that amazing? That is huge. Maybe the biggest miracle he performed.

He explained this to his friend Martha. But she did not grasp it fully...

Jesus was brought to the grave. All along Jesus knew he had to power to raise Lazarus from the dead. But still...he cried. Why? We don't know. Perhaps out of compassion. He cried. Even though he knew the happy ending.

I makes me realize it is good to be sad about things that happen. To be sad about injustice and suffering. When you feel sad, tell Jesus. He knows what it's like to cry. You can share your emotions with him.

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