Can I come clean with God?

John 21:15-25

People wonder: can I come clean with God? Can I start anew? Jesus is betrayed by one of his best friends. Can he forgive him?

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People wonder: can I come clean with God? Can I start anew? After all I have done? Mistakes, bad behavior, hurting people, misuse of people and power. It can be hard to accept his forgiveness. Perhaps you feel like you can not be forgiven. In your mind you believe God will turn you down.

Jesus shares a story with Peter. That guy with the big mouth. "Everyone will deny you, but not me," he said. Jesus called him the Rock. That must have strengthened his ego. But then, this dark night. He wanted to help Jesus when he was arrested. Follow him. Help him. Fight for him. 

But on this night, he denied Jesus three times. Afraid of his own life. And the rooster reminded him that Jesus already predicted this. Some stories tell that Jesus even saw Peter. He left the place and cried. He did the worst. He denied Jesus. 

John, the writer of this biography of Jesus ends his book with the story that Jesus makes it well between him and Peter. A painful process. Three times Jesus asked him if he really loves Jesus. He wants to hear it from Peter. This restores the relationship. Peter is clean towards God. And even more, Jesus gives him a task in his work. 

I believe John wanted to give this message to us. He wrote it all down so we would believe in Jesus. And especially that we can always reconnect to Jesus. After his betrayal, Peter did continue to search for Jesus. He didn't stay away out of shame. I am sure Jesus will embrace you and start to use you in his work. Jesus is really love. He wants to be reconnected with you. That was his job on earth. That is why he came. He does not push you away. He will make you clean. 

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