Can you trust Jesus?

JOHN 9:13-41

Have you heard the expression: the proof is in the eating of the pudding? You have to eat the pudding to discover how it tastes. Same with Jesus. You only know if he can be trusted, until you try.

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Can you trust Jesus?

It is hard to know if you can trust a person. I have been working with a guy that I really liked. Spontaneous guy, gives energy and is funny. I involved him in all the work I did and we became a sort of friends. I trusted him.

Unfortunately, I found out I could not trust him with finances. It was a hard lesson. And I could have known. He had a history of financial failures in the past…

The lesson for me is that I need to look at the fruits of people. What has their life produced?

It is the story of a blind born man who was healed on the Sabbath (Jewish Sunday). According to the leaders you could not work on a Sunday. So what Jesus did was wrong in their eyes. But over and over again, Jesus’ life makes it clear that he is not about rules, but it’s about showing God’s character: caring about people, showing his love.

The healed man is called to the stage twice. The leaders don’t want to believe the man. He becomes tired of the interviews. He says, look at what happened. I was blind and now I can see. Look at the fruits of this act! Jesus must be someone special.

After he pushed them that they might become followers of Jesus too, he is thrown out.

And then: Jesus meets the healed man again and he comforts him. This is such a clear sign of Jesus’ character. He is really interested and involved in people.

So if you deal with things in your life, entrust yourself to Jesus. He will show his grace and peace to you. You will see the fruits of him in your life.

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