Determine your destiny

JOHN 12:37-50

Some people are terrible guides. They have no sense of direction. Jesus knows all about people who want to find their own way, even if they are lost.

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Determine your destiny

I am a hiker. I love to walk in the mountains. I am glad to have a good sense of direction, at least most of the time. But not everyone does. Some people always seem to go the wrong way. I have a friend that always turns the wrong way from our house to the bus stop. Every time! And I have a friend who's a terrible guide. You should probably better always go in the opposite direction than he is telling you to go. I had a hard time convincing him he was going the wrong way, several times. But unless he was proven wrong, he stuck to his own directions.

esus knows all about people sticking to their own directions. The signs have been so clear. He raised Lazarus from the dead, he healed people and confirmed in various ways he was the son of God, foretold in old prophecies. But some people just didn't want to follow him and listen to his instructions. These people want to follow their own convictions. Determine their own destiny. When you don't want to believe Jesus is the savior, you will never be convinced.

What about you? Do you trust Jesus' directions? Will you let him determine your destiny?

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