God is Love

John 13:13-38

What is your opinion about God? Does he seem harsh and far away? Jesus shows that God is love, even when we betray him.

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God is Love

I don't know your opinion about God. People have so many different views. When I was growing up, I feared God. He judged us and had to punish us for our sin. My reformed background painted a negative and harsh picture of the character of God.

In this part Jesus reveals God's character. The disciples are calling him teacher and Lord. But Jesus predicts that even though they say that now, they will betray him in the end and even run for their lives (like Peter). They could not believe it! They claim they will be faithful. But Jesus was right in his prediction. It shows us that even the disciples made big mistakes. But it also shows the real character of God.

Gods character is LOVE. God is love. God is forgiving. Even though we may betray him or run away from him. He will be faithful. This is his true character. As christians we should be known by this love. Our love for God and our love for others.

This is both amazing and difficult at the same time. Easier said than done. But with his help and being in sync with Gods love we can love freely.

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