Growing can be painful

John 15:1-17

In order for trees to grow and bear fruit, they need to be cut. The right way and at the right time. In our lives we can feel like we are being pruned too.

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Growing can be painful

My grandfather was a gardener. He had magic hands. He could turn the chaos in our garden into a beautiful and colorful scene. As a kid I was fascinated by what he did. He knew all about plants and was able to cut trees. I loved being around him and kept asking question like: " Why are you cutting the tree like this? Why do you not cut everything at the same time?" His answer was always: "To let them flourish more. If I do nothing or at the wrong time, they will die."

The Christian faith is the same. It needs time to grow and needs to be maintained. Otherwise our faith will die. Jesus uses this example to demonstrate our spiritual growth. We need to cut off branches in order to continue to grow and bear fruit. But this pruning process is painful!

But if God is in controle of the pruning process, you can trust he knows what he's doing. Just like my grandfather knew how to cut the trees and when. God knows what branches need to be cut off in your life and he knows the right timing. Be confident that in the end you will become stronger and more fruitful.

Gods purpose is not to give us pain. He wants us to bear fruit! The fruit of joy and love. Keep that in mind. What if everyone is pruned the right way? Image all the love and joy in the world. Earth would be a better place, don't you think?

So set aside your fears. Let Jesus take control and let him cut off the branches. The right way, at the right time. And you will bare joy and love!

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