He is in my head

JOHN 6:60-71

What if you could look inside someone’s head? See what they really think! And what if someone could read your thoughts? Jesus knows what people think and confronts.

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He is in my head

Sometimes I envision what the world would look like if I could see what is in someone’s mind. What does she really think? What is he up to? Really? I would love to know. On the other hand, what if people can see what I'm thinking. If they could read my mind? That would not always be nice… I don’t think I would always be happy if my internal thoughts were out in the open.

This passage of Jesus’ life shows that he knows what’s inside people's mind. Scary. People listened to the message Jesus gave. Jesus knew that they were grumbling on the inside. He didn't hear them but he knew. For the people it was shocking and amazing. But despite that, they still left him.

And Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Jesus with a kiss. You might have heard about 'Judas-kiss'. The kiss of a betrayer. Despite Jesus confronting him a few times, he doesn’t change his plans. His life ends in a terrible way. He becomes desperate and commits suicide.

Peter expresses what is in his head. He speaks out how he sees Jesus. Amazingly clear. “You have words that give eternal life”. Peter believed Jesus at his word. That made a huge difference. Peter makes mistakes. A while later he ever betrays Jesus by denying he knows him. But he also made steps of faith: he believed what Jesus said. He finds his way back to Jesus. Peter becomes the foundation of the church.

How about you? Are you ready to believe in Jesus? Trust in his words? Jesus knows you. He knows how you feel about him. Despite the way you might feel about him, he still wants to get to know you.

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