How to start a movement?

JOHN 4:27-42

Movement doesn’t start by itself. Something or someone has to set things in motion. If you are inspired by someone, you often share your enthusiasm. People who met Jesus did too!

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How to start a movement?

Do you know this video about starting a movement?

A movement doesn’t start by itself. Someone needs to take the initiative. Someone steps forward and shows what he or she has an interest in. And then others follow.

I was thinking about this when I read the message of the woman that Jesus talked to.

She was on fire for Jesus. A woman with a negative reputation went into the city and she shared what Jesus had shown her. He knew everything about her, cared for her and gave her something that she never experienced before: hope, eternal life, perspective. She was not an experienced Jesus-follower and did not have years of Bible study experience. She was just moved by her encounter with Jesus.

And then the miracle happens: people join her. Although she had a bad reputation, people started to become curious. They want to see Jesus. And when they see him, listen to him, they are moved too.

Maybe you know someone that is touched by Jesus. Maybe a strange person, you don’t understand it. Go to meet Jesus. Even if it is just out of curiosity. It does not matter. Find out. Discover Jesus yourself and see who he really is!

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