I don’t understand, but I will follow

JOHN 11:1-16

Sometimes it’s hard to understand Jesus. He asks you to follow him and go on a journey with him. But is he going the right way?

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I don’t understand, but I will follow

When I was young I remember going camping with my family. We were supposed to set up camp at an island. But when we got to the ferry it turned out it could not carry cars. My mom and two sisters had gone ahead and had already arrived on the island. Me and my dad were left behind. What were we going to do? But my dad decided: " We're going to leave our car and belongings behind. Just take what we need." What? Leave everything behind? But I decided to trust my dad even though I didn't quite understand. I followed my dad.

The followers of Jesus didn't quite understand Jesus either. They heard the news that Jesus' friend Lazarus, was really ill. But Jesus decided not to go to him. But he was known as the great healer? Why not? Jesus stayed. He waited. I'm sure his friends were wondering: "What are you waiting for? Let's not wait around and waste any more time." But it is  also good to understand that going to Lazarus would also be risky, as some people wanted to kill Jesus.

Thomas did not understand Jesus at all. But he decides to trust him. And when Jesus does call him to go in the end, he just follows him. Sometimes we don't understand Jesus' timing. His ways can be so different than our plans.

In the end my dad was right. I trusted him and we had the best camping trip ever. Even without all our stuff.

Sometimes it may feel like Jesus is asking you to leave your stuff behind. Or he might ask you to wait and stay. Trust him. He will be right in the end.

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