John 20:1-23

Have you ever experienced something you thought was impossible? Like you were caught on a candid-camera? Friends of Jesus claim that he rose from the dead. Impossible right?


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Just imagine, living in the 70’s. If you needed money you'd have to go to the bank to get it. Computers were not available. As 10 years old kid, I went to Paris in France with my dad. We were visiting friends. We were exploring the city and this friend walked towards a wall, pushed some buttons and money came out. I was completely surprised. This was NOT possible. Surely a trick. Someone was joking with me. Was I in one of those television shows that try to shock people?

Something like this, on a bigger and more serious scale, happened in this part of Jesus’ life. He died. Jesus was dead. And death is death. Once you're dead, you can't rise again. Life is over. Resurrection? IMPOSSIBLE. 

Mary came to the grave to honor to Jesus. Not expecting the grave to be empty. Peter and John ran, because they could not believe that Jesus’ grave was open. Mary did not recognize Jesus later on. Until…. he called her name. Jesus had said his followers would recognize him by his voice. That is what happened here. Mary recognizes his voice. She knows it's Jesus.

Jesus revealed himself to others too. More than 500 people saw him. They saw the impossible. Jesus back from the dead. Unbelievable. Yet some of them died, testifying about the resurrection of Jesus. They must have been convinced and certain about their encounter with Jesus.

Life after death. Maybe you don't think that's possible. I can imagine. It's mind blowing. But with Jesus, nothing is impossible. Get to know him. Learn to listen to his voice. 

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