Is God a judge?

John 14:1-14

Everyone creates their own image of God. But it’s difficult to paint a complete picture. Jesus is the best reflection of God you will ever see.

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Is God a judge?

Everyone creates their own image of God. Our background, our family, previous experiences of church, teachings of others: it all becomes part of our heritage, the framework on which we build our image of God. It is difficult to create a complete picture. Our words are limited to describe who he is.

Some may see God as a judge. A harsh God who condemns. Always afraid of him. Because if you make a mistake, God will seek his revenge and punish you.

The best way to paint a picture of God is to look at Jesus.

In this part we catch a glimpse of who God is. Remember how Jesus foretold that Peter would betray him? This must have been difficult. Both for Peter but also for Jesus himself. But still Jesus tries to encourage him and tells him not be insecure. We all make mistakes. But we should put our trust in God. He gives us hope and perspective.

Whatever the mistakes we've made, he wants you to share them with him. He will forgive you. His truth will make you clean. He will give you hope for an eternal life. Let him take the lead. For he is the way, the truth and the life.

Don't worry. Don't hide your mistakes out of fear of judgement. Let Jesus handle this. He will comfort you.

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