Left alone

John 14:15-31

Even when you are surrounded by people, you can still feel lonely. Jesus promises never to leave you. You might not see him but listen closely to hear his voice.

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Left alone

Feeling alone is a huge issue. Many people feel lonely. Even when they're around people. When I was young, I once got stuck in an elevator. I was afraid, but I especially felt alone. I knew there were people close to me in the building, but I couldn't see them. But then my grandmother yelled out to me. I could hear her voice. She wanted to comfort me. Hearing her voice pushed the loneliness and fear away. She even was able to open the elevators doors a little bit so she could give me pancakes! It made me feel safe. I didn't have to worry. I would survive.

Jesus shares with his friends that bad things are to come. Things that might make us feel afraid. Alone. Abandoned. But he also explains that he will never leave them. That even though his body might have left earth, his spirit will remain. He will still be present. You might not see him, but you can experience him.
Just like I couldn't see my grandmother, but I could hear her voice. By hearing her voice I knew she was right there and everything would be okay.

This is the same with the spirit of Jesus. He is there. You can talk to him. In my experience it's comforting. I don’t understand why, it is above my imagination, but it happens.

Jesus' spirit is still present today. He is right there. You might not see him but if you listen, you can hear his voice. Maybe you feel like you are trapped in an elevator. A spiritual entrapment. Alone. Afraid. But pray to God and experience the presence of God.

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